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Quality straw chopping's from start to finish. That's what the Skid-Chopper offers farmers across the country. Our innovative skid steer straw bale chopper is reliable, durable, and easy to use.

Our patented chopper attachment is built strong so you can cut faster and fill beds quicker. Finally, a practical solution for chopping all sized bales.

What is Skid-Chopper?

The Skid-Chopper is the first and only patented straw chopper for your skid steer. Built from industrial grade components, our chopper is durable and offers a long term economical solution for your bedding needs. Why Skid Chopper Reduce labor. Conserve fuel. Save time and money. Produce higher quality bedding. So, the question is, why not Skid-Chopper?

Why do you need a Skid-Chopper?

The Skid-Chopper is for people looking for an alternative, convenient bedding solution. Sawdust is expensive & hard to find. Most straw choppers available are for small square bales or large tractors and require more labor and expenses. The Skid-Chopper is suitable for all of your straw blowing needs, big or small. Experience the speed and material savings of the Skid-Chopper.

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Ideal Landscaping Solution

In addition to convenient, one step bedding, the Skid-Chopper is an simple solution for mulching and landscaping in hard to reach places.

Fits Almost Any Skid Steer

Our attachments are universal and designed to fit most of the modern skid steers manufactured today, you will not be bound to any one loader.

Who is Skid-Chopper?

The concept was simple, to provide a convenient, simple way to produce straw bedding. The idea originated with Roy Marschall & Harlan Poppler in 2008. Harlan & Roy own and operate local dairy farms in the Twin Cities, MN area and are very familiar with the needs of the day to day operations of farming.

At Skid-Chopper, our mission is to provide customers with a reliable, durable, and consistent source of straw & straw chopping's. We will achieve this by building strong relationships with our customers to ensure product availability. In addition, we guarantee the quality of your Skid-Chopper attachment & accessories by standing behind everything we manufacture and sell.

Benefits of using a Skid-Chopper

In addition to providing your dairy cattle with optimal bedding, the Skid-Chopper provides additional benefits.

  • Reduce labor time and costs.
  • Reduce fuel usage.
  • Save time and materials.
  • Affordable, optimum chopping solution.
  • Premium bedding choice for animals.
  • Alternative mulching / landscape solution.

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Skid-Chopper Specifications

Our professional chopper attachment is constructed of professional grade components and manufactured in the USA. It is cost efficient; will save you time and money in stall preparation time; and is the turn-key solution to your all your farming needs. For additional specification info, email us.

  • Machine Width: 84" | Machine Length:61"
  • Box Size: 39"x39" | Box Height: 60"
  • Heavy gauge steel construction
  • Adjustable Control: Hi-flo & Lo-flo (Throw Distance)
  • Triple Sided Blades: 3 sided blades, 3 times the use

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Where can you find us?

Skid-Chopper, LLC.

2088 Marschall Rd.

Shakopee, MN 55379


(952) 292-4091

(952) 292-4092

Where are Skid-Choppers Available?

Skid-Choppers are manufactured and shipped out of Minnesota but are available throughout the midwest. Call us for additional availability & support questions.

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